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To Test or Not To Test

These days I receive a lot of questions about SARS-CoV-2 antibody testing. A test on a simple blood sample so to speak to see if you have had covid19.

Hereby a short Q&A

Q: Hey Doc, Is it possible to test for antibodies?
A: Yes it is possible, but ...
Q: Can I make an appointment to be tested?
A: yes you can, but ...

let's inverse Q&A and my question for you is "Why do you want to be tested and what do you expect from the result? What will change for you after knowing you have or have no antibodies?"

Let me enlighten you with the context and help you to answer this question for yourself;

If we detect antibodies in a blood sample after vaccinating for example (eg. hepatitis A & B, Tetanus, Rubella, etc) it means you are protected against these viruses. In case you have contact with one of them your antibody army is ready to attack and eliminate the intruder.

With covid19 it seems that not everyone produces these antibodies and even if you have antibodies we are not certain about how protective they are and how long they will last or whether the virus will replicate and mutate.

So imagine having no antibodies doesn't necessarily mean you didn't have contact with covid19 as cases with positive PCRswab test have been confirmed without antibodies and vice versa people with a negative PCRswab test have been encountered with antibodies.

Imagine having antibodies you might feel unfairly invincible and get nonchalant in behaviour which might impose a new risk!

Keep this in mind and ask yourself what the meaning of any outcome of this test implies for you personally now you know this.

I conclude that either way you have to keep complying with distancing and hygiene regulations.

So...Keep Calm & Keep Safe

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