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European Open

Health Comes First

This page is restricted to ATP players, entourage & staff only. 

Find the link below to make your appointment for the ANTWERP ATP event testing.

The first test upon arrival will be room service-based therefor provide your room n° in the booking.  All following tests will be at the doctors' cabinet in the restricted players' lounge area at the Hotel or Lotto arena (cfr. schedule in your players handbook)

For the first test you need to stay Quarantined in your room until results are in.  Once results are in you will receive a pm by phone (at least if you provided your mobile number in the booking) to collect your accreditation.

! Please bear with us: results turnover can vary from time to time.  We use a certified lab and provide certified nasopharyngeal PCR testing as that is the only correct and validated way of testing.  Turn over in the labs, not only depends on local demands but is bound to government regulations as well.  These regulations are out of our hands and are regularly updated according to public health surveillance stats. 

Please be patient.  We and the lab do the best we can to provide you of the best possible service. 

Thank you for your understanding and we hope to provide you a great COVID-proofed tournament experience.

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