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How facemasks are rendered ineffective

Yesterday I stepped out my door, fully tech dressed and racebike in hand. I set foot on the broad boardwalk in front of my house when an old man who was obviously enjoying his evening stroll just passed my door at the same time and came up to me. He was friendly as far as I could read from his eyes as he was wearing a surgical facemask.

He felt the need to police me on wearing a facemask as well.

I pointed out that I was outside the city centre zone, on a more than broad enough boardwalk with no frequent passers-by and going for a ride without approaching anyone in a 2m radius. Nevertheless, he didn't seem to be satisfied with that answer and approached me even closer to finger point I should take my facemask with as they are writing tickets for not wearing one. Guess He didn't notice my framepack which was indeed containing a surgical facemask.

With this anecdote, I would like to point out how facemasks are rendered ineffective thanks to risk compensation. This man felt secure and safe approaching me behind his mask and even came up to me closer than what was necessary.

Masks buffer droplets from reaching you to a certain degree, but don't completely block the virus! Besides, there is a big difference in the kind of mask you're wearing as I explained in my previous post. No mask but the FFP3 ones are soundproof! Supposedly!

Distance should be first priority!

My Guess ... municipalities are just making masks mandatory just because people don't seem to be able to stay 1,5m apart from each other just like this man.

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