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Blog Introduction

Welcome dear patients, desperate times call for desperate measures...

I always used to be the last one to start using new online tools as it is in my nature to be a skeptic and prefer 1-on-1 contact for communication, but to be realistic ... these days it might come in handy to be able to reach you and offer some clarity in the large stream of information floating around.

So I set up a blog and hereby want to invite you to follow and feel free to subscribe

what to expect?

  • no daily mails

  • no spam

  • no rubish

  • no commercials

  • no non sense

I commit to communicate information based on current events, work flow, absences and holidays, changes in consultation modalities and updates on what might interest you.

I hope you don't mind these emails and always welcome to provide feedback.

Thank you

Kind regards and most of all ... stay calm & keep safe!

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